Strike Force Demonstration Project

Ben Hill is one of the 880 counties in 21 states and Puerto Rico designated by USDA as a “Strike Force” county because of historical, perpetual poverty.

In 2014, USDA, Ben Hill County and other partners created the first “Strike Force Demonstration Project”. It is designed to focus on, and find workable solutions for, the underlying causes of perpetual poverty in Rural America. Engaging some of the most creative minds in the field of grass-roots community development, this pioneer effort is identifying, testing and documenting methodologies that can be exported and replicated by other Strike Force Counties. (

Fitzgerald/Ben Hill County Land Bank Authority

This Authority was created in 2014 under the provisions of Georgia’s Land Bank Act of 2012 (O.C.G.A. 48-4-100 et.seq.). Its Board consists of 5 Directors; 2 appointed by the Fitzgerald City Council; 2 by the Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners; and one jointly appointed.

It provides the City of Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County a coordinated legal mechanism to assemble and dispose of public property; including dilapidated, abandoned, foreclosed and tax delinquent properties. It can acquire such properties; then return those that are non-revenue generating and non-tax producing to effective use for housing, new industry and jobs to benefit the citizens of the City of Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County. (

Revolving Loan Fund

The objective of the Ben Hill County Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program is to provide loan funds to small businesses from public resources, as well as create public-private partnerships with local commercial banks and other private sector lending and investors. To be considered, potential projects must meet one of the two national objectives:

1) Benefit low to moderate income persons; or
2) Prevent or eliminate slums or blight.

Current Recipients

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